Découvrez nos différents soins pour :

une relaxation profonde

une libération des mémoires cellulaires

un soulagement les blocages émotionnels

un assouplissement des articulations et des muscles

une reconnexion à soi


The Alchemy of Water
massage and relaxation


Janzu transcends the concept of a water massage, it’s an immersive dance with the element, nurturing a seamless osmosis that instills a state of letting go, oneness, and profound well-being.

Since the dawn of time, water has been used for its therapeutic virtues and spiritual purposes. Surrendering to this element through specific movements and relaxation, aligned with the inherent essence of water, will guide you toward transformation and healing. Janzu is a direct path to meditation, serenity and self awakening.



Janzu is an aquatic healing art innovated by Juan Pathik Villatoro in the 70s, he draws his inspiration from ancient shamanic rituals of Mexico, martial arts, meditation, and dance. A unique and transformative water massage technique that invites you to transcend into a realm of holistic well-being and rejuvenation. Rare Janzu schools were established from this lineage, including « Osmoz Life » in France.


The process of a session

The session begins by floating on the surface while the therapist impulses movements, stretches and cradlings. Gradually the journey continues underwater in tune with the gentle cadence of your breath getting slower. Some postures remind of life within the womb, releasing cellular memories, while other expansive figures provide the sensation of flying freely. As the water flows, tensions dissolve creating a state of profound  relaxation  and blissfulness.
Janzu is an inner journey to the source, a Rebirth.

Immerse yourself in a weightless universe and venture on an extraordinary journey through this aquatic Odyssey – a reconnection with oneself and the primordial element, source of life on Earth.

Individual Session

Couple - Duo Session

Training - Initiation

Osmoz Life Janzu School

We offer professional training in our retreat center in the south of France « Selves des Transians », and in the lagoon of Moorea in French Polynesia.

France – Sèlves des Transians
8 to 17 July 2024
5 to 14 August 2024

French Polynesia – Moorea
27 March to 5 April 2024

Individual sessions, workshops and initiations are available in France during summer and in many locations around the world during winter. Being great travellers we might not be too far from you ! (Goa, Bali, Australia, pacific islands, etc…) Our aim is to spread this magical medicine of water on earth.

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